Finnabair Classes

Finnabair Class

Guest Teacher: Finnabair
Tuesday, August 4th @ 1pm
Wednesday, August 5th @ 11am
$150 EACH Class, Payment options available

Space is limited and filling fast!

Pre-registration is required

& payment is due at time of registration.

To Register for these classes call (217) 528-1863

Class Descriptions:

Tuesday, August 4th @ 1pm

Daydreamer – Mixed-media Collage Class on canvas. Selection of intriguing techniques based on  found objects or embellishments, texture, gels, black gesso, pigments and acrylic paints.

“Daydreamer” is mixedmedia collage portrait on canvas created in my signature style: rich composition with deep, contrasting colours, light and shadow and finally  focusing on a touch of beautiful, metallic glazes. This class will take you for a journey through the range of intriguing and  versatile mixed-media techniques  such as heavy embellishing, using gel mediums, spraying and shimmering acrylic paints giving you a possibility of playing and experimenting in the inspiring creative process. This is not only the chance to try a bit different way of composing and organizing your project but also finding a way of using the supplies we all have somewhere close in our reach: in our studios, kitchens, garages, gardens… with the presented techniques all these options are possible…and there is a high chance you will never throw away a piece of plastic, metal or fabric away!
During this 4h long class I will share my experience in creating rich, multi-layered projects and help you create your own collage breaking the whole process into small, easy to follow steps. I’ll explain the tools, paints and mediums we will be using and give tips how to get the best possible results.  We’ll make our fingers dirty and get some creative wind in our hair together – there are no limits in creativity!
All the elements, paints and mediums are provided – this project is suitable both for advanced and beginning students.
Class time: about 4 h

Wednesday, August 5th @ 11am

Overemotional Mixed-media Collage on double canvas. Great chance to get friendly with gels, gesso, sprays, pencils and a touch of stamping.

For me collage is one of the most natural ways of communicating my moods, thoughts and emotions – maybe that’s why I keep using my own face for most of my projects. I love the process of creating the “costume” and “scenery” for the actors in my small collage theater – and I want you to try it too! “Overemotional” is a canvas project with more air and negative space yet rich in details and layers. You will be able to try combining such material as fabric, lace, flowers with metal and plastic objects and grungy findings of all kinds to create textured, rich composition as well as trying techniques based on heavy gel, gesso, sprays and stamping – all this to create one, unique project. I’ll help you to create balanced composition and getting the best effects sharing my experience and creating new full project with you step-by-step. You will be able to choose colors reflecting your taste and personality and experiment with stamping, coloring and using pencils and watercolor pencils for the finishing touches. “Overemotional are 4h of pure creative fun with your fingers dirty in gesso, inks and paints – you can’t miss it!
All the elements, paints and mediums are provided – this project is suitable both for advanced and beginning students.
Class time: about 4-5 h.


To register for these classes call (217) 528-1863



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